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seven ten third

Sara Mack's sixth release!

On a warm spring night in May, three lives changed forever.


Lucy Anderson was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cody Cunningham lost his life.

And Aaron Matthews couldn’t stop it.


As their senior year begins, Aaron and Lucy must learn to navigate Holton High after the loss of its popular star athlete. Practically strangers, the two find themselves thrown together in a way neither of them dreamed possible. Aaron’s best friend is dead, Lucy is responsible, and the school is playing judge and jury. As Aaron and Lucy’s feelings for each other grow … so do the tensions at Holton High.


Stumbling into a web of secrets and lies, Aaron and Lucy’s relationship hangs in the balance. Who can they trust? Is the truth worth telling? The more they discover, the more betrayed they feel. How far is too far to protect a lost friend’s memory?

"Sara Mack gave us a soul mate to love, a traumatic event, love, loss, friendship, endurance...and a whole lot to think about."

- Tara, Tara's Reads Book Blog review of Guardian



"The Guardian series is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read."


- Whitney, A Literary Perusal Book Blog review of The Guardian Trilogy


"I fell in love with this story and absorbed it like a sponge. This book makes you feel, it makes you ache for a love that comes along once in a lifetime. It makes you question every obstacle, every situation and every path you take to find your way along life’s often confusing journey. It makes you believe in a love that is so powerful it can withstand the test of time."

- Mona, Confessions of a Book Whore review of Sparrow


"I'll be honest and say that at first I thought that Latson was going to be your typical rich, spoiled rockstar who jumps from woman to woman. I was very pleasantly surprised by who he really was and how easily he gave himself over to his feelings for Jen."

- Jaime, Fiction Fangirls Book Reviews review of Cardinal

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